Friday, May 18, 2012

Finally Posting ;)

Okay everyone, please forgive me for nothing makes me feel more stupid than a blog site lol

I'm not very good at figuring certain things out online, blogs especially, but I know I need to do this in order to get the word about my book out :) and it's just nice to be able to write about stuff lol

So, I need reviews!

I need those of you that have actually purchased my book to give me a review.... even if it's a bad one. Preferably a good one honestly, but a review none the less. I poured a lot of myself into this book, and even though I know it's not for everyone it is a book I find that a lot of people would enjoy. It has suspense, mystery, and an obsessive love that some of us can relate to.

It has been my lifelong dream to be a writer, hell... ask anybody who's known me since I was a kid. I was writing short stories even then hoping that in the future I would end up being a best-selling author. I have more ideas but due to my current illness and pregnancy situations I have not been able to put time into them like I need. I've even decided to take a break from school because every day has been so unpredictable. It's been the worst feeling ever, but it would bring me joy and happiness to know that people are reading my book and actually enjoying it. Give it a try, it's only 2.99 anyway :) if it's terrible you can punch me.... in the arm.... softly...... ;)

I do hope everybody has a good Friday and if there ended up being enough demand I'd begin working on the 2nd one more quickly lol

After all, the first one will leave you hanging ;) So give it a read and let me know what you think. :) I would really appreciate it.

Thanks :) Marie

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