Between heaven and hell there is earth, and on earth there is Amie: a girl so desperate for the truth that she will stop at nothing to find it. Plagued by nightmares and haunted by evil, Amie knows she is different. Her adopted parents hate her, and after her father's funeral she escapes to the only place where she feels safe: Camp Enumclaw. Here, she confides in another counselor and, after a particularly intimate night together, Amie begins to obsess over him.

Four years later, Amie still hasn't gotten over that night. Unable to move on, Amie finds herself back at Camp Enumclaw every summer, returning to work alongside the people she trusts. But this summer, something is different...

Supernatural forces are at work the year Amie turns 25. Her dreams become reality and she's haunted by the native ghosts of the land, along with a dark evil so overwhelming Amie isn't sure she should keep digging for the truth. Desperate for relief, Amie knows she has to discover the truth before it consumes her, but in doing so, she just might undo the world she's come to know.