Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Everyone is Sick

So I've come to find that I need to use this more often especially if I want to ever make it as an author. I guess, it's finding time for it to be honest. I find time for my homework and manage close to a 4.0 GPA, which I must say I am very proud of. I got my first B two classes ago and about cried. It was my fault because I didn't realize class restarted when it did and ended up submitting a week's worth of homework late. Would have gotten an A otherwise. Frustrating, but didn't affect my GPA too much. I pride myself on doing good in school which I think is why I haven't had time for this. I've managed my time well, but I definitely haven't written anything in a while. I have a year left in school but once I'm done I will have a double major in History and Cultural Anthropology with a minor in International Management. Sounds cool. I hope I can actually do something awesome with it. I'm done with the history part, and I only have two classes left for my minor.
I think the reason I have time for this right now is because everyone, and I mean everyone, is sick and asleep. I've been doing laundry like never before and have been thrown up on about three times this morning. I'm actually staying upstairs with the baby, with her over a bunch of towels, just so I don't have to put on a shirt. It's pointless since she's just going to throw up on it. I figure being respectful though is important, because we have a sun room which would allow the neighborhood a view of my goods..... I have to have a shirt on if I'm downstairs. So upstairs I will remain so I can watch the little one and make sure she doesn't choke.
It's hard seeing your babies sick. It's even harder taking care of three that are sick, especially when one of them is the other adult. I hate seeing Tommy sick though, he's pitiful. It's definitely one of those days, so I'm sharing it with everyone and hoping that your day is uneventful in terms of illness or surprises. Unless they're good surprises, and in that case, rock on.

I really need to start writing again. I actually enjoy siting here and sharing my thoughts, so I'll try to make sure I do this more often.


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